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I started my career in Bangalore back in February 2015, within a year I realized that most of Bangalore thinks that I am mistaken, as I lived in Whitefield.

After 7 years, I am back here. I will keep updating this post with things that I enjoy. You can choose your adventure.


1. Try indoor bouldering / climbing I went to equilibium gym in Indiranagar. They charge Rs. 500 for a day pass. You can climb for as long as you want. Keep shorts, sportswear, they have lockers facility.

2. Cuboon Park

You can go here for a leisurely walk in the morning hours.

Cubbon Park State Library: The library is beautiful inside out. The best thing is that you can take your own laptop / books and sit there and study for as long as you want. Just ensure that you don’t click pictures and keep your mobile on silent mode.

On Sundays and certain (2nd and 4th Saturday) you can bring your skates or skateboards and learn or practice at along with many members of the Bengaluru Skaters. Checkout their instagram to know more


  1. Burger Seigneur Best Burgers. Can order or dine in
  2. Sheron Tea Stall My favourite tea stall in this world, a must try, you can club this with Burger Seigneur. Their biscuits are a must try (this is coming from someone who doesnt’ eat biscuits)
  3. IDC Kitchen: I really good Dosa, with non-sweet Sambaar.