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Bullets in no particular order

  • Travelled to Mumbai, lived with friends. Had massive fun.
    • my friends made me realize that married life can be fun
  • Lived with mother and talked to her a lot
    • it is important to know your parents “as a person”
  • Had lots of mangoes
    • love langda mango, more than alphonso
  • Took fitness more seriously, started lifting regularly:
    • deadlift: increased from 70kg to 105kg
    • squat: increased from 40kg to 70kg
    • pullups: increased from 2 pullups to 10 pullups
    • running / cycling: kept this pretty low, will make progress on this next year
    • animal flow: learnt a fair bit, enjoyed it a lot
  • got out of a long term, long distance relationship
    • never let anyone close to you feel lonely
    • long distance is extremely challenging.
    • The pandemic has had far reaching consequences
  • stayed in Bangalore and played lots of basketball alone
  • tried to learn skateboarding
    • falling safely is one of the most important skills that we lose as we get old
  • lost a dear friend to post COVID complications.
  • Faced major anxiety through the second wave of the pandemic.
  • Took mother for a trip to Goa, our first leisure travel.
    • Her smile when she saw the sea for the first time in her life was precious.
  • wrote a lot to myself regularly
  • woke up before sunrise for almost 5 months out of 12
  • got promoted to lead data scientist
  • bought a car, learnt to drive
  • went for a roadtrip with a friend. Covered 2300 in 11 days in Rajasthan
  • Travelled to Manali, saw snow for the first time
  • survived a car accident, fortunately, without any major damage
  • went out on many dates, finally fixed on one person
  • read and bought a bunch of graphic novels / comics. loved it